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others did.

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estimated stats

1-Someone wasted his time
10-Someone clicked a lot
50-An obese guy wasted his time
60-An American guy wasted his time and liked it
90-A girl wasted her time
100-A British guy wasted his time
120-A Canadian guy wasted his time
150-A French guy wasted his time
200-A Canadian guy wasted his time and liked it
250-A Brit wasted his time and liked it
500-A British girl wasted her time
1000-A French guy wasted his time and didn't dislike it
2500-A French guy wasted his time and was satisfied
2501-A French guy wasted his time and liked it

2800-A guy wasted his time just because he had cookie clicker open in another tab
3000-A Dutchman wasted his time
3500-An elderly guy wasted his time.
3501-The same elderly guy thought "kids these days"
5000-A transsexual wasted his/her time
6000-Someone wasted his time without even knowing it
7000-An elderly guy looked at the number of clicks and said "Where did this generation go wrong."
8000-My site won't hold it much longer
8055-Like a 8055
8500-A German didn't pay his taxes
9000-A Russian guy looked at the counter and thought "Tно₴ё щёїяd capїтalї$т₴ Дgaїп"
11000-Internet has proven it's power
12000-Somewhere a guy gets turned on by the counter
13000-People start to discover the ad on the bottom of the screen
14000-Internet is reaching for it's SUPER SAIYAN!
15000-I am putting in sharing buttons
16000-Somewhere a girl likes the idea of 15999 men wasting their time on the internet
16500-I am going to make every checkmark () green
17000-Somewhere I am getting out of ideas to write here
17500-I am going to make a guestbook in here
18000-A grammer-nazi made a grammer mistake
18500-A Asian got an F for wasting his time here
19000-Somewhere a girl get's turned on by the counter
20000-I'm done for
20050-I discover that I have put WAY less time in this than there was wasted on this site
30000-People start to discover the guestbook is allready up while they where wasting there time
45000-People start to discover you can click the ads at the bottom of the page
49000-I am gonna make new estimated stats
52000-I start doubting everything in my life
55000-Obama is wasting his time while he should be busy repairing the economy!
!!----- 60000-I will make YOU think up estimated stats and put them in here -----!!
68000-Chuck Norris probably wasted his time here
69000-Chuck Norris clicked a thousend times
72000-Chuck Norris now tries to count higher than our counter
74000-Chuck Norris shat himself
75000-I am going to get all the grammer mistakes out of this site
80000-It will never come this far
85000-Chuck Norris lost count and passed out at 84999
90000-We could have discovered a cure for cancer if we used this time!
95000-A North Korean was allowed to go on the internet just to experience this phenomenon
1000000-Almost everything happened while people where wasting there time

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